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摩洛哥優油打造 2019 三大時裝秀髮型
  • TEXT BY 陳霈儒 Luna Chen
  • PHOTOGRAPHY BY Jason Carter Rinaldi
  • POSTED 2019/01/01
Aadnevik Autumn / Winter 2019

Aadnevik倫敦時裝週2019秋冬系列發表的髮型靈感取自於Leo Tolstoy的小說《Anna Karenina》。這一季的頭髮造型反映出19世紀俄羅斯女人精緻、誘人的女性氣質,由Moroccanoil全球大使Antonio Corral Calero做出當代感詮釋。

Inspiration was taken from the novel, ‘Anna Karenina’ by Leo Tolstoy. This season, the hair reflects the sophisticated, alluring femininity of the 19th century aristocratic Russian woman, with a modern spin.


aadnevik_aw19_runway_008 aadnevik_aw19_backstage_047

The Blonds Fall / Winter 2019

The Blonds一系列狂野的髮型靈感來自迪斯可、幫派,還帶點瑞莉霍爾的味道。「這些混搭雙性性格的髮型很迷人,也只有The Blonds能撐得起來!」Kevin Hughes,Moroccanoil藝術總監

“Tonight’s look was inspired by Disco, gangster with a dash of Jerry Hall. The hair is glamour mixed with androgyny that only The Blonds can deliver!” Kevin Hughes, Moroccanoil Artistic Director.


mo_the_blonds_2-12-2019_0207 mo_the_blonds_2-12-2019_0200

Hair Design by Moroccanoil Artistic Director Kevin Hughes


Veronica Beard Fall / Winter 2019 

Moroccanoil藝術總監Kevin Hughes以被丟在森林中的城市潮流女子為Veronica Beard秋冬發表頭髮造型啟發,他表示頭髮本來就該擁抱每一位女人的自然質地,無論直髮、微捲髮、大捲髮。

“This look was inspired by a city-chic woman who has been dropped in the middle of the woods,” said Kevin Hughes, Moroccanoil Artistic Director. “The hair is meant to embrace each woman’s natural texture – straight, wavy or curly.”


mo_veronica_beard_2-11-2019_0239 mo_veronica_beard_2-11-2019_0220

Hair Design by Moroccanoil Artistic Director Kevin Hughes



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